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Paralichthys lethostigma


Other common names: Fluke, flat-fish. Distribution: From North Carolina to the Gulf of Mexico and up to Texas.


Size: The usual size of this species is 12-20 inches. IGFA All Tackle: 20 lb. 9 oz. Nassau Sound Florida.


General: The southern flounder is closely related to the summer flounder of the North East coast. They are caught on the bay and along the coast. They will take all live baits and artificial bait fished deep. We catch them all year long but sometimes we have concentrations of them on the offshore reefs. Southern flounder is one of the best eating fish in the Gulf. We also have a smaller flounder that is called Gulf flounder and is not as common in this area as the southern flounder.


Fishing: Flounder can be caught all over the Bay and Gulf but when they are running, all of the ( I ) reefs will hold flounder! The ( I ) reefs are listed on my website and is my favorite place to catch large flounder. I use only live bait and fish the edges of the reef on the sandy bottom. It takes a feel for flounder. Unlike grouper and snapper, it takes a slow, steady pull to hook a flounder and it may feel like a snag at first. They have a very subtle bite and may not move until you pull them out of the sand. Flounder will take artificial baits that are fished close to the bottom and also moving cut bait. You can catch them on the grass flats but I have found them in large schools in eight to eighty feet of water. Gigging flounder at night as you walk through shallows with a lantern in hand is another method of taking these fish.



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