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Species Name:
Scomberomorus regalis


Common Name:

Cero, cero mackerel, painted mackerel


The cero is an elongate, strongly compressed member of the Scombrid family that reaches 32 inches (81 cm) in length and may weigh up to 5 kg (11 pounds), though most average under 3 kg (6 pounds). Body color is typically dark blue to blue-green dorsally, becoming silver along the sides and ventrally. Similar to the Spanish mackerel, but with a yellow lateral stripe.


The spinous portion of the dorsal fin is separated from the soft rays by a deep notch. The first dorsal fin is black in the anterior third and white posteriorly. The second dorsal fin is somewhat falcate. Yellow to yellow-orange spots form ovals and streak-like lines on either side of a yellow-brown stripe that runs laterally from the pectoral fins to the base of the caudal fin. The lateral line curves downward at the second dorsal fin and oscillates somewhat as it extends to the narrow caudal peduncle, which has 3 keels on each side. Eight to nine finlets are set behind both the second dorsal fin and the anal fin. The caudal fin is deeply forked. Scales cover the entire body, including the pectoral fins. The head slopes gently to a short snout, and a large, terminal mouth. The maxilla reaches the rear edge of the eye. No swim bladder is present.



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1708 Ken Thompson Pkwy, Dock 3, Sarasota, FL 34236



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