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Sarasota Bay Fishing Charters - Family Friendly


1708 Ken Thompson Pkwy, Dock 3

Sarasota, FL 34236



Most of the time I will pick you up at the Ken Thompson Boat Ramp, just past Mote Marine on Ken Thompson Parkway.


New Pass is a short pass that connects the Gulf of Mexico with Big Sarasota Bay. With only a very short ride, we can be fishing in the Gulf or the Bay. We could also have runs of different fish in the pass it self. There are large grass-flats, artificial reefs, channels, and bridges on the bay and plenty of docks to fish. On the gulf side, we have plenty of artificial reefs and some good bottom within 3 miles of New Pass. We also fish along the beach or follow large schools of bait fish. Sarasota bay has three inlets to the Gulf: Big Pass and New Pass on the south end and Longboat Pass on the far north end. This gives the bay a good flow of water in and out and good food sources for Bay and Gulf fish.


Now this does not mean that we will catch fish 24/7/365 days a year, it just means that it is a good place to be when the fish start to chew. Wind speed and direction, tides, cold fronts and the weather in general, fish migrations, natural food in the water, bait-fish, shrimp, crabs etc. are just some of the things that will dictate where, how, and what we will fish for. We have a large variety of fish in this part of Florida and our options can change quickly. My motto is to get our rods bending first, and then we can pick the fish we want to fish for.




I mostly use hand picked live shrimp for bait. The shrimp are caught on the bay at night, by shrimp boats that are rigged just for that. Hand picks are the largest of the shrimp caught that night. It might be the only place you go fishing that the bait could taste better then what you might be catching. We also use live fish and crabs. But some times we need to use good artificial bait like DOA shrimp on the grass flats, buck tails to bounce on the bottom in the passes for pompano, or fast moving spoons and diamond jigs for mackerel. We will do what ever it takes to put fish in the boat.



Sarasota Bay Fishing Charters - Saltwater Light-Tackle Sportfishing with Captain Tony Blizzard 


1708 Ken Thompson Pkwy, Dock 3, Sarasota, FL 34236



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