Goliath Grouper 
Family Serranidae, SEA BASSES AND GROUPER Epinephelus itajara


Shown is Mark Zisser of (Kirkwood, MO) holding one fish about a hundred pounds and one well over 200 pounds. If
Jew-200.jpg (46980 bytes) jew-100.jpg (64366 bytes)you think bringing them in is hard, wait until I take your Picture. Three guys are holding the big grouper and still can't get the tail off the deck.

Other common name: Spotted jewfish.

Description: head and fins covered with small black spots; irregular dark and vertical bars present on the sides of body; pectoral and caudal fins rounded; first dorsal fin shorter than and not separated from second dorsal; adults huge, up to 800 pounds; eyes small, largest of the groupers.

Similar Fish: other grouper.

Where found: NEARSHORE often around docks, in deep holes, and on ledges; young often occur in estuaries, especially around oyster bars; more abundant in southern Florida than in northern waters.

Remarks: spawns over summer months; life-span of 30 to 50 years; feeds on crustaceans and fish. NOTE: jewfish are totally protected from harvest in Florida waters.

Distribution: West Atlantic, tropical and subtropical coastal waters, ranging Florida, West Indies, South America, Indo-Pacific.

IGFA All tackle: 680 lb., Fernandina Beach, Florida.

General: The common name "jewfish" is a name loosely applied to several unrelated fish with worldwide distribution. A powerful bottom-dwelling fighter and an excellent food fish.


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