Iyalian Village & Deli

Best Taste Of The Old Country: The Bronx: Italian Village and Deli 

6606 Superior Ave., Sarasota, 927-2428.  Map

Italian Village owner Giacomo Manafra.








Sinatra’s on the radio. A Godfather poster hangs above the stove. Fresh, homemade cannoli sit by the register, just a few feet down the counter from soft lumps of mozzarella. The only part of Giacomo Manafra’s deli that’s inauthentic are the meats and cheeses hanging from the ceiling. They’re fakes, but that’s because of Florida law, not Manafra. Schooled in delis in The Bronx and Jersey, Manafra set up shop in Gulf Gate eight years ago, doling out chicken parmesan (huge, scrumptious, the only meal you’ll have to eat all week) and Italian combos. He sells pasta dishes, too, but we stick to the subs ... and to the bright orange sign behind the counter: “If you’re not Italian: Fake it!