Pickled Bluefish, Herring Style

    Fillet bluefish. Remove all skin and dark meat. Wash fillets thoroughly before cutting them into bite size chunks, and to make a one quart jar of the "Herring," use these measurements:

3 cups bluefish chunks

1 large onion, thinly sliced

1 heaping tablespoon pickling spice


1-1/4 cup white or wine vinegar

cup sugar

2 tablespoons salt

    Mix bluefish, onion and pickling spice in jar. Stir together ingredients for marinade and pour into jar.
    Fill to the brim. Close jar and store in refrigerator for one week, remembering to shake the jar once a
    day to allow the spices to blend evenly. You'll be amazed how closely the taste of bluefish "herring"
    resembles the flavor and texture of classic Pickled herring. Before eating I add sourer cream.


    Select bluefish of about three (3) pounds

    When caught, cut throat and allow to bleed in saltwater (5 to 10 minutes) until dead

    Immediately chill on ice before cleaning

    Fillet and skin, cut out red meat and belly with bones

    Wash and chill fillets in saltwater slush (heavy mixture of ice and water) for 15 minutes


    Like most people I do not like to eat bluefish, but I do love pickled herring, and this is the best I ever
    had. Also bluefish are plentiful around the winter holidays.

    The slush is something I use on all fish before bagging

    Capt. Bob Smith